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In a world where woman are expected to have fairy tale relationships, functional families and lucrative careers, the missing piece is understanding why I make the choices I make. This book helps you dig deep into understanding the choices you have and how to make them. It takes work and effort but getting to know yourself on a deeper level will help you thrive.

- Veronica Chavez


Mutt Life is a practical handbook that ANY woman can relate to. Most of us have experienced one of the characters in the book. Mutt Life made me laugh, cry, and gave me comfort. I wish I had this handbook 10 years ago!!!!!!

- Christina Jones


I found the book to be relatable, witty, and illuminating. I know every woman will be able to identify the different characters from the book in her own life--I see this making book clubs all over quite colorful!

- Terri Sherman


This book is one every woman can relate to! It's a page turner that will keep you engaged and leave you motivated.

- Regina McKenzie


An easy & enjoyable read, with stories I was able to relate to & laugh about. Mutt Life gives perspective on dating certain types of men, while trying to remain focused on your goals. A much-needed book in today’s dating scene.

- Deidre Laneaux

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